1. 2014

    During this year I got my STI2D SIN BAC at Lycée Charles Poncet with honors I learned during this training the basics of programming and electronics. I worked especially on Arduino controllers.

  2. 2015

    My first year of BTS. In which I learned the basics of programming object oriented. I also learned the fundamentals on the computer network. The end of this year included an internship in business, which I carried out at IRIS a more network-oriented SSID and particular. This was my first professional experience in IT.

  3. 2016

    Year of obtaining my BTS. This year's project was the creation of a web application for brewers. The application connected to sensors had to go back to the information to the brewers so that they could know where was the brewing. There was also a back office allowing the brewer to manage their stock. It is also during this year that I have started working at Savoy-International.

  4. 2017

    It was during this year that I completed and obtained my first professional degree in alternation with Savoy International. This one was oriented network and system. So I improved my networking skills all throughout the year. My project was setting up an IT infrastructure. I also spent Cisco CCNA security 2 certification that I obtained.

  5. 2018

    Current year where I spend my second professional license always alternating with Savoy-international. This one is oriented web development and multisupport. My mission within the company is to create web applications for touch screens.


IT since 2014

Passionate since childhood by new technologies and computing, I decided to dedicate my studies to this area. In the past few years, I have acquired skills as a developer and network administrator. Thanks to the sandwich course I currently take part in, I have the opportunity to get familiar with the world of companies while continuing my studies.

A passion before all

As for me, IT is above all a passion before being my job. I am interested in any type of tech whether it's web or mobile or even the news in the world of networking. But I still have a preference for web design. My favorite programming languages are Javascript (NodeJS in particular) and PHP.


I am currently working at Savoy-International. During my first year in this company I worked as an administrator network. This allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge in the field of the network and management of a computer park (more than 400 user stations and a hundred VMs). After this year I became an alternating web developer. My main mission is to create applications for touch screens to reduce paper waste.

My other passions

One of my other passions is video editing, and particularly special effects. I spent many hours on After Effect (and its tutorials). After over 5 years of use, I think I am able to make very good quality videos with this software application. I also work out to stay fit (your keyboard is good for muscling the fingers but do not forget the rest).

Emilien Leroy
Web developpeur
Movie Making


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