Hi, my name is Emilien Leroy
I'm Full Stack Developer.

About me

About me

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I'm passionate with new technologies and specialy by the web! I like making web application from scratch to production build. My favorites technologies are Nodejs, Typescript and Vuejs. I also master Mongodb, Web Component, Electron and many others.

I am currently working at Savoy-International. During my first year in this company I worked as an administrator network. This allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge in the field of the network and management of a computer park. After this year I became an alternating web developer. My main mission is to create applications for touch screens to reduce paper waste.

Now it's been four years I working into this company as Full Stack Developer. During these years I have completed many projects with success.

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Professionnal Projects

Kami Softwares Suite

During the last five years I developed a softwares suite for the industries 4.0. This suite help factories to improve theirs industrial performances. It contain different type of application for the different service of an entreprise. I have develop all of them from scratch using Node.js, Mongodb and Vuejs.

See Kamiapp.fr

Mask Dispenser

The entreprive where I am working have created a mask dispenser which distributes mask without packaging. In this project I have made the graphical interface of the dispenser and the program which orchestra the mask and gel module.

Open-Source Projects

Kami Collection

A collection of web component develloped by me and the Kami team. It contain a list of usefull component for all your project.

See Live


HighScore is an open-source leaderboard and is an alternative to the Google Play Games Services, which allows you to create leaderboards for your games and add some others features to your game.

Source Code

Vite Plugin Cem

A custom elements manifest builder for Vitejs. It build automaticaly the manifest of your custom-elements. This plugin use the @custom-elements-manifest/analyzer to build the manifest.

Source Code

Personnal Projects

Falling Square

Falling Square is a fast-paced and highly addictive mobile game that will put your reflexes to the test. The goal of the game is to touch the squares that are falling from the top of the screen before they leave the screen. The game is simple, yet challenging, and it requires quick reflexes.

Source code

Codepen Experiences

I love made front end experiences on codepen. Visit my codepen profil to see all of then. Sometime I also participate to the weekly codepen challenge to improve my skill.

My Profil


  • 2014 - Baccalaureat STI2D SIN

    During this year I got my STI2D SIN BAC at Lycée Charles Poncet with mention. I learned the basics of programming and electronics. I worked especially on Arduino controllers and i also created my first website.

  • 2015 - BTS SNIR first year

    My first year of BTS. In which I learned the basics of programming object oriented. I also learned the fundamentals of the computer network. The end of this year included an work experience, which I carried out at IRIS a network-oriented SSID . This was my first professional experience in IT.

  • 2016 - BTS SNIR second year | Trainee at IRIS

    Year of obtaining my BTS. This year's project was the creation of a web application for brewers. The application connected to sensors had to go back to the information to the brewers so that they could know where was the brewing. There was also a back office allowing the brewer to manage their stock. It is also during this year that I have started working at Savoy-International.

  • 2017 - Professional License ARE | Sandwich course at Savoy-International

    It was during this year that I completed and obtained my first professional license in sandwich course with Savoy International. This one was oriented network and system. So I improved my networking skills . My project was setting up an IT infrastructure. I also spent Cisco CCNA security 2 certification that I obtained.

  • 2018 - Professional License DIM | Sandwich course at Savoy-International

    During this year I spend my second professional license always in sandwich course with Savoy-international. This one is oriented web development and multisupport. My mission in this company is to create web applications for touch screens.

  • 2019 to now - Full Stack Developer at Savoy-International

    Now it's been four years I working into this company as Full Stack Developer. During these years I have completed many projects with success.





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